Thursday 28 May 2020
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US House sends Uyghur human rights bill to Trump s desk
Case to extradite Huawei CFO from Canada to the US can continue, judge rules
What Bolsonaro said Covid cases climbed
Russian doctor posted about equipment shortages. Now, she fears for her job
Attorney general launches new unmasking investigation around 2016 election
Building set ABLAZE in Minneapolis as police struggle to contain anti-brutality protests (VIDEOS)
Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around as airport s shut)
Pentagon moves to provide additional military aid to Ukraine
New generation of hungry locusts threatens millions
WATCH protesters block Los Angeles freeway, attack police cars as George Floyd rallies escalate into riots (VIDEOS)
George Floyd death: Pressure mounts for US officers to be charged
LOOTERS ransack shops as Minneapolis descends into chaos after police killing of black man (VIDEOS)
Biden says he hopes to name vice presidential pick around August 1
Coronavirus cases top 80,000 in Chile
Nothing but soundbites : UK PM Boris Johnson left isolated
India has an unlikely new type of period health educators: men
A blow to autonomy : China s planned Hong Kong security law
India has an unlikely new type of period health educators: men
US could conduct live NUCLEAR test ‘within months’ if Trump orders it
Disney CEO explains why it s safe to go back to Disney World
Future of political art in Hong Kong uncertain as Beijing tightens grip
China s defense budget shows Xi s priorities as economy tightens
US coronavirus death toll tops 100,000 as politics overshadows grief
100,000 coronavirus deaths in US; 355,000 globally: Live updates
What Bolsonaro said as Brazil s coronavirus cases climbed
CNN reporter hit with tear gas during protest
CORONAVIRUS CHILE - 15 Pct. of coronavirus-positive Chileans remain at work
Trump mocks journalist for wearing mask
US SPACE - NASA-SpaceX launch to International Space Station scrubbed due to weather
Boeing is building the 737 Max again even though it s not yet approved to fly
Coronavirus pandemic exposes inequality in Ecuador s Guayaquil
Goats and BREAST MILK protein may be key to fighting Covid-19, Russian scientists suggest
Scenes from inside Brazil s city worst hit by coronavirus
Trump administration considering new weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, top Democrat says
They didn t all have to die: A moment of reflection as America s Covid-19 deaths pass 100,000
The reality of Trump s threat to regulate or close social media platforms
US COVID-19 death toll exceeds 100,000, states continue to reopen
US passes 100,000 Covid-19 deaths in under 4 months
Scenes from inside Brazil s worst-hit city
Cuomo blames nursing homes for following his Covid-19 order that KILLED PATIENTS - after removing it from website
Why has Navajo Nation been so hit hard by the coronavirus?
Salvadoran leader says he takes hydroxychloroquine
Russia flew 14 MiG 29s and Su-24s to Libya: US army
Three killed at business meeting in France
HK official defends security law but offers few practical details
Suriname election: Preliminary results show opposition winning
SpaceX and NASA will have to wait a few more days to make history
Space X launch cancelled due to bad weather only minutes before planned launch
US ends ALL BUT ONE sanctions waivers for Iran nuclear facilities
Shooting at a business meeting in France kills three
Will conservatives finally infiltrate Hollywood with new venture from Justified star Nick Searcy?
Canadian court rules US extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou can proceed
Florida weather threatens to delay launch
SpaceX and NASA will try to make history today
Here s what you need to know about SpaceX s historic launch
Teenage girl’s brutal ‘honor killing’ death in Iran stirs Rouhani to call for harsher laws
Teenage girl’s brutal ‘honor killing’ death in Iran stirs Rouhani to call for harsher laws
Hong Kong ‘no longer autonomous’ says Pompeo admitting changing system in China failed
Larry Kramer, playwright and AIDS activist, dies at 84
SpaceX and NASA aim for historic launch
At least 40 killed in latest DR Congo massacre
Yemen: Saudi-led coalition says downed Houthi drone over Najran
Los Angeles offers free COVID-19 tests
He ll need a punch in the throat! Tyson Fury wants Denzel Washington to play him on screen – and gives movie legend tips (VIDEO)
Romanian footballers face 12-MATCH BAN for spitting or blowing noses on the pitch under plans to resume sport after COVID-19
WHO creates foundation to tap new funding sources
Bill Clinton hung out with Epstein because of affair with late financier’s madame Maxwell, new book alleges
Should Khalifa Haftar s foreign backers rethink their support?
Pakistan investigates PIA plane crash that killed 97 in Karachi
In Pictures: Hundreds in US demand justice for George Floyd
Cancel Culture reaches Russia: Legacy of Cheburaska author under threat after daughter s accusations of violence abuse
Pompeo certifies Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China
Central Park confrontation sends an ugly message
Brazil’s Queen of the Beach performs Bottle Cap Challenge using only a FOOTBALL (VIDEO)
CORONAVIRUS UK - UK PM Johnson dismisses Cummings inquiry
Romina Ashrafi: Honour killing sparks outcry in Iran
Belgium, France arrest dozens over UK migrant truck deaths
Anchors brawl in explosive exchange: 100,000 people died ... And all you did was try to help your friend the President!
Defeating Trump more important: Tulsi Gabbard drops lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over ‘Russian asset’ smear
Imagine giving up your child. This mother is considering it
Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China
‘Obsessive partisanship’: Pew Research blasted for misleading tweet casting Dem districts as doing better on Covid-19 deaths
Russian president, Saudi crown prince agree on further coordination on oil output cuts in phone call - Kremlin
Don t blink! Check out the FASTEST FINISHES in UFC history, featuring Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey (VIDEO)
Perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered
Disney World sets reopening date
SpaceX and NASA aim for historic launch
Come on! Dominic Cummings’ name didn’t trend on Twitter… because of anti-porn filters
Bones of about 60 mammoths found at airport construction site
Boeing lays off nearly 7,000 workers
Trump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter s move
US troop pullout from Afghanistan is ‘ahead of schedule’ – report
French court rejects request to release Rwandan genocide suspect
California homeless deaths multiply as Covid-19 lockdowns cut off access to medical care, food sanitation
UK records more than 400 new coronavirus deaths within the last day
Giant 3D wave sweeps over Seoul s Gangnam District
Will the tense India-China standoff at Himalayan border escalate?
‘Just a dwarf’: Ex-German Chancellor Schroeder snubs Ukraine envoy who blasted him over calls for anti-Russian sanctions relief
I can’t get any lower : Disgraced racing driver BEGS for forgiveness after being SACKED for sending pro ringer to esports contest
Disgraced Russian politician TAKES PUTIN TO COURT over ‘unlawful’ firing
At least 20 killed as minibus collides with truck in Mali
US astronauts prepare for historic mission
Iran convenes newly elected parliament amid pandemic
Watch this rare cosmic ring of fire galaxy collide
Hong Kong s richest man defends China s plans for security law
EU wants to raise $825 billion to safeguard the euro
A second wave could happen, but it is not inevitable, Fauci says
Fauci implores Americans to wear masks in public
Russian capital to see quarantine rules relaxed as govt outlines anti-coronavirus plan until 2021
How to tell bedtime stories in the age of coronavirus
Libya s battle in the sky: How air superiority changed the war
‘Inaccurate, divisive’: British TV show roasted after using gender of world leaders to explain contrasting Covid-19 death tolls
Border closures pre-travel tests are ‘of little use’ against Covid-19 spread, EU health agency says
CORONAVIRUS MUSEUMS - Albertina Modern launches in Vienna with review of reactionary postwar art
Germany sees SURGE in anti-Semitic and politically-motivated crime
Put some respect on his name! Fans respond to bitter ex-wife Deontay Wilder s rant on Mike Tyson (VIDEO)
Italy Spain would receive biggest share of EU’s proposed €750 billion post-Covid recovery fund
Today s high potency weed raises risk of anxiety and addiction, study says
Mysterious fast radio bursts helped detect missing matter in the universe, study says
UK PM faces questions from Parliament on Covid-19 response
Switzerland to reopen borders to all neighbors except Italy
Weather is looking 50/50 for today s historic crewed SpaceX launch
Bertha became a tropical storm and made landfall in less than two hours
How s my hair? Cristiano Ronaldo asks fans for approval as Portugal star drops his man bun and reveals NEW HAIRCUT at Juventus
We re going to see stocks take another dive once market realizes coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready soon – RT’s Boom Bust
Ahmaud Arbery s tragic final run grips an anxious America
Hundreds pack streets of Minneapolis to protest Floyd s death
Turkish soldiers wounded by roadside bomb in Syria’s Idlib – report
Trump threatens social media after Twitter fact-checks him
Italy and Belgium join France in rejecting hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 treatment
Houston s Cancer Cluster
Twitter calls Trump s tweets misleading for the first time
More than 300 Hong Kong protesters arrested
Gupta explains why current antibody tests are unreliable
Dr. Anthony Fauci: I wear a mask because it s effective
CORONAVIRUS ART - Scotland s Banksy leaves Covid-themed art scattered around Glasgow
France halts use of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients
Jonathan Steingard, Christian singer, reveals he no longer believes in God
HONG KONG PROTESTS - Hundreds of demonstrators protest in Hong Kong against Chinese anthem law
CORONAVIRUS SPORTS - Fruit-sellers to hairdressers: the jobs helping Brazilian footballers get by
CORONAVIRUS SPAIN - Spain comes to a halt to remember coronavirus victims
Germany’s states ‘increasingly taking responsibility’ for coronavirus steps – Merkel
Hungary set to rescind rule-by-decree powers given to MSM-dubbed ‘Dictator Orban’
UN World Tourism Organization predicts a 70% drop in global tourism this year
MMA MURDER-for-hire? Top Russian coach arrested on suspicion of organizing CONTRACT KILLING
People hate us : UFC pinup Paige VanZant insists I m not Carole Baskin! after DROWNING stunt with MMA fighter husband (VIDEO)
Brittany Murphy doc reignites interest in her death
Meet the 13-year-old who graduated from college with four associate s degrees
A turtle smashed through a woman s windshield while she was driving on the highway
Chrissy Teigen got Covid-19 test in prep for breast implant removal
Global energy investment could fall by $400 billion this year. Climate goals are at risk
EU plans to raise $825 billion to aid recovery from the coronavirus recession
CORONAVIRUS EU - ‘Europe’s moment’: Von der Leyen unveils massive recovery package
Perfect match: Evgenia Medvedeva ranked among top 5 world stars who portrayed Sailor Moon
I am under a lockdown, but not because of the coronavirus
Trump threatens to SHUT DOWN social media after spat with Twitter over mail-in voting criticism
US LNG investment suffers as demand dwindles
Hong Kong s richest man defends China s plans for security law
Who says no to a title shot?! UFC champ Kamaru Usman calls out Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal for not stepping up to face him
China to launch digital yuan next year to replace cash
Giant kookaburra sculpture brings joy to one Australian town
The IMF can help prevent a COVID-19 economic catastrophe
Fan in sexist rant against WWE star Alexa Bliss issues apology after receiving DEATH THREATS from fans (VIDEO)
Grit: Surviving the World s Largest Mud Disaster
UK health regulator BANS labs from processing coronavirus home testing kits
Bulgaria to reopen restaurants and cafes ‘at full capacity’ on June 1
‘Nice little change’: Yulia Efimova’s chief rival Lilly King trains in POND during coronavirus crisis
Footballers join calls against domestic violence amid lockdowns
Australian wildlife park celebrates the birth of its first koala since New South Wales devastating bushfires
‘It’s them and us’: UK public fumes over minister’s plea to ‘move on’ from Cummings saga
Where to see the largest flora and fauna on Earth
With big talk and hurled insults, the gloves come off in the race for the coronavirus vaccine
Ford s police SUVs will heat up to 133 degrees to burn the germs away
What you to know about coronavirus today
France BANS hydroxychloroquine as study says medicine Trump took makes death from Covid-19 more likely
Black man asks people to stop making death threats against the white woman who called the cops on him
Transhumanism: Meet the cyborgs and biohackers redefining beauty
Professional footballer Christian Mbulu dies aged 23
How many people have coronavirus? Sometimes, it s just a guess
Poland to scrap compulsory outdoor masks from May 30, cinemas reopen on June 6
Not just humans: Moscow quarantines CAT after it tests positive for Covid-19
Missile attack on Yemen army command in Marib kills at least 7
North India sizzles as temperature touches 50C
Majority voice non-democratic? Amid new protests, MSM piece grills Chinese students for voting to reject pro-Hong Kong resolution
Asia’s ‘travel bubbles’ could change travelling post-pandemic
Hundreds held as HK police use pepper pellets to disperse protest
Tanzania COVID-19 response: Government accused of a coverup
Imagine giving up your child. This mother is considering it
What we know -- and still don t know -- about the coronavirus
She called police on him in Central Park. Hear what he has to say
Australia-New Zealand ‘travel bubble is possible’ as coronavirus cases fall
Covid-19 lockdown in Russia has bicycle sales soaring
Johnson s popularity falls amid adviser controversy
There s so much negativity out there : Tennis ace Eugenie Bouchard discusses romance and haters on promising $85,000 first date
US TV host Jimmy Fallon apologises for past blackface skit
Rouhani urges cooperation as newly elected Parliament convenes
Authorities plead with fans from ILLEGAL Strasbourg football match to get tested for coronavirus (VIDEO)
With tourists gone, Amsterdam locals reclaim their city
Japan is testing an app that lets sports fans cheer from the safety of their sofas
Renault and Nissan deepen their alliance in bid to survive the coronavirus crisis
Life or death still possible : 31 days at my dad s virtual bedside
Lack of common sense : Arizona mayor SLAMS Floyd Mayweather and fellow revelers over disturbing nightclub party (VIDEO)
Rwanda genocide: French court to decide on handing suspect to UN
Police fire pepper spray. CNN reporter gets caught in scuffle
Belgrade blocks flights from ‘coronavirus-free’ Montenegro as Podgorica doesn’t welcome Serbians
She was tricked as a teen into prostitution. Now she faces starvation
In Pictures: Iconic sites around the world reopen their doors
Russia to drill new oil wells to be ready to go when current OPEC+ production cut deal expires in 2022
Russia to drill new oil wells to be ready to go when current OPEC+ production cut deal expires in 2022
Cat disappears into priest s robes during online sermon
Technological leaps, more risk or dawn of private space exploration? How SpaceX’s 1st manned mission could change things FOREVER
Covid-19 and HIV use same tactics to evade our immune systems – Chinese study
Our pandemic shopping habits are here to stay. Brands are racing to adapt
Magnus Carlsen: My emotions are usually outside my body and that s not what you usually connect to a chess player.
4 cops fired after video shows one kneeling on neck of black man who later died
HONG KONG PROTESTS (ADDS VIDEOS) - Hong Kong arrests protesters ahead of controversial law discussion
PRESS FREEDOM - Australian Federal Police drops probe into News Corp journalist
CORONAVIRUS NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand discharges last COVID-19 patient
China will act against foreign interference over Hong Kong security law – Foreign Ministry
CHINA INDUSTRY - China s industrial profit drop 27.4 percent year-on-year
Officials moved slowly on workplace complaint as Tyson s Perry plant Covid-19 outbreak grew
HUMAN RIGHTS - In the drug-war crossfire: The Philippines broken childhoods
JAPAN FIRE - Suspect arrested over Japan anime studio arson attack that killed 36
Spain begins 10-day mourning period for coronavirus victims
In vast Kenya camp, refugee journalists on coronavirus front line
Uber and Lyft drivers are suing New York state over unemployment benefits
‘Intro to a good dystopian film’: Amazon media roasted online after TV stations aired segments scripted by company’s PR team
The White House is getting *very* worried about the Senate majority
South Korea reports biggest spike in coronavirus cases in 49 days
When can you be around others? CDC updates coronavirus guidance
Man arrested after pointing a gun at a DoorDash delivery man
Twitter labeled Trump tweets with a fact check for the first time
Brazil surpasses US daily coronavirus death toll
Scientists didn t detect a parallel universe in Antarctica. But they are learning more about mysterious, ghostly neutrinos
Trump takes his war on masks to new heights
Germany reports 47 new deaths in the past day
In eerie silence, Bayern Munich closes in on Bundesliga title with win over Dortmund
We ll see where that goes, says Genie Bouchard of dating in the age of coronavirus
Video shows bear following boy during a family hike
A nurse on the Covid-19 frontline reconnects with New York City firefighter who rescued her from a burning building 37 years ago
Richard Herd, Seinfeld and Get Out actor, dead at 87
Vitamin D s effect on Covid-19 maybe be exaggerated. Here s what we know
Jimmy Fallon apologizes for Chris Rock impersonation in blackface on SNL
CNN s John King crunches US coronavirus numbers as states reopen
How many people have coronavirus? Sometimes, it s just a guess
There s one epidemic we may never find a vaccine for: fear of black men in public spaces
China moves to consolidate position of strength in Hong Kong and beyond as country emerges from pandemic
The Isle of Eigg and the possibilities of building a new economy
HALF of positive coronavirus antibody tests could be wrong give false sense of security – top US health agency
Angry employee guns down 3 colleagues at Thai public radio station – local media
EU still divided over coronavirus relief. That could tear it apart
Japan to discuss cyberbullying laws after death of wrestling star
Trump says he wants full Afghanistan pullout but sets no timeline
Japan police arrest man in Kyoto anime arson that killed 36
Family of black man who died in police custody demands justice
Hong Kong: Why China s national anthem bill is so controversial
In Hong Kong and beyond, China moves to consolidate position of strength as pandemic fades
Excerpts: When Afghanistan was still considered the just war
Twitter fact-checks Trump as US president cries vote meddling
Why we re rocketing people into space -- even in the middle of a pandemic
How 53 choir members were infected in super spreader event
Video shows a woman pushing her 9-year-old son into a canal, police say
Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong half the time, CDC says
Costa Rica has made history
Chinese social media platform bans account claiming US is ‘processing DEAD BODIES into hamburgers’ – report
There s one epidemic we may never find a vaccine for: fear of black men in public spaces
Peru reports more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases
Hong Kong police surround legislature ahead of protests over national anthem bill
Earthquake hits while world leader was live on TV
13-year-old boy earns four associate s degrees
Brazil surpasses US daily coronavirus death toll
Trump hints at action against China over Hong Kong security law
Hong Kong on edge before National Anthem Bill: Live updates
Why Thailand isn t reopening to international tourists yet
Why Thailand isn t opening to international tourists yet
WATCH tear gas rain on HUGE crowds that descended on Minnesota police station after cop-involved chokehold murder (VIDEOS)
Latin America is now the epicenter of the outbreak, says health official
Anderson Cooper: Trump s the leader of the free world and he s a little man
Mexico sees its largest single-day increase in deaths yet
Spain to mourn its coronavirus dead: Live updates
Masks up, pants down? Ukrainian woman dons UNDERWEAR on her face to meet Covid-19 safety demands (VIDEO)
US military again accuses Russian jets of unsafe aerial encounter
Australia angered China by calling for a coronavirus investigation. Now Beijing is targeting it
(Un)armed robbery: Wheelchair-bound man attacks jewelry store in Brazil brandishing gun with his FEET (VIDEO)
She was tricked as a teen into prostitution. A decade on, she has no work and faces starvation
US ELECTIONS - Florida expresses interest in hosting GOP conclave if Trump cancels NC event
COSTA RICA LGBT - Livestreamed wedding ushers in gay marriage era in Costa Rica
CORONAVIRUS VENEZUELA - HRW, Johns Hopkins: Venezuela needs urgent int l aid to combat Covid-19
‘It was a worst-case scenario’: Massive asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs hit Earth at ‘DEADLIEST possible angle’ new study finds
Trump teases ‘very interesting powerful’ action after China calls US sanctions ‘bluff’ over Hong Kong
Elon Musk’s SpaceX inks deal with US military to test out sky-crowding Starlink satellites for Army communications
‘It destroys my argument’: Even Fox News is triggered by the lack of social distancing at Ozarks bash amid Covid-19 pandemic
Biden says vice presidential search panel has interviewed a lot of potential running mates
Tourist won t wear a says virus isn t going to come back
Trump on Biden wearing mask: I wasn t criticizing him at all. Why would I ever do a thing like that?
Joe Biden called the US President an absolute fool for a tweet that mocked the former vice president for wearing a mask at a Memorial Day ceremony
Twitter labeled Trump tweets with a fact check for the first time
She was tricked as a teen into prostitution. A decade on, she has no work and faces starvation
Joe Biden won t commit to picking a woman of color as vice president
Joe Biden responds to Trump on masks: He s a fool
Woke mob responds to New York’s ‘Ultimate Karen’ being fired with more bloodthirst — what else?
Twitter bows to outrage mob, ‘fact-checks’ Trump tweets about mail-in ballots
Latin America is now the epicenter of the outbreak, says health official
‘Justice for Carolyn’: Resistance claims Trump KILLED INTERN, figuring fake news will force Twitter to nuke his Morning Joe tweets
This is what touring Spain this summer could look like
CNN s Brianna Keilar pushes state official on his promise to Trump
Twitter says no sanctions against Trump for abusive tweets
See landing of last resort in virus hotbed
A space launch saved 1968. If only it could do the same for 2020
France to inject almost $9 billion into ailing auto industry
Obama-era Pentagon deputy IG resigns less than 2 months after unexpected demotion from top coronavirus watchdog post
Populist paradox: Brexit led to better perception of immigrants
Moscow DENIES US general’s claim of ‘Russian mercenary jets in Libya’. Is this AFRICOM’s new ‘worse than ISIS’ moment?
WHO: Coronavirus accelerating in some Latin American countries
Hungary gov t says PM s power to rule by decree to end on June 20
Burundi election results: What next?
Venezuela health system grossly unprepared for COVID-19 crisis
Brothels in Switzerland draft roadmap out of lockdown, complete with sex positions that minimize Covid-19 transmission
Soldiers describe deplorable conditions in Canadian nursing homes
CDC quietly DOWNGRADED Covid-19 death rate and media IGNORED good news. Elon Musk wonders why
Could the China-India border dispute trigger a military conflict?
On the rocks: Saudi-funded takeover of Newcastle United in doubt as WTO report links Gulf State to pirate TV operation
People are buying lots of booze, but global alcohol sales are still tanking
Just as Covid-19 cases keep rising in 17 states, holiday revelers crammed together without masks
Trump s anti-mask campaign picks up steam
Death of a black man in US investigated after video shows cop kneeling on his neck
Georgia was first US state to reopen. This is how it s doing.
Trump continues to dismiss masks as his ex-chief of staff says they re necessary for reopening
‘I can’t breathe’ 2.0: Minneapolis police in hot water as suspect dies during BRUTAL chokehold arrest
Israeli court: Alleged child sex abuser to face extradition trial
I can t breathe : Black US man dies after officer pins him down
‘We can do it better!’ Russia’s FC Rostov accepts and SURPASSES Ronaldo’s ‘basketball’ challenge
Donald Trump s anti-mask campaign picks up steam
Viral video from NYC s Central Park sparks racism debate
US city deploys camera-equipped planes for surveillance
INDIA FARMING (VISUAL STORY) - Summer cherries harvested by hand in Kashmiri
Behind-the-scenes of the American South s growing indy film industry
Denmark allows cross-border sweethearts to reunite -- on one condition
SPACE EXPLORATION - Could first US manned mission since 2011 revive Florida’s Space Coast?
UN to discuss with world leaders support for developing states hit hard by pandemic
Saudi Arabia to allow mosques to open for Friday prayers
Trump urges end to lockdowns as US COVID-19 deaths near 100,000
Crops destroyed as India faces worst locust attack in 27 years
Game over: Daniel Abt AXED by Audi following e-sports scandal after he used an IMPOSTER in a virtual race
CORONAVIRUS ECONOMY - ECB undecided on ‘fallen angel’ purchases
‘An onion of intellectual imbecility’: Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro roasts Trump over Joe Scarborough murder tweets
‘An onion of intellectual imbecility’: Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro roasts Trump over Joe Scarborough murder tweets
Russia backs immediate Libyan ceasefire talks, Lavrov tells Haftar ally in phone call
US military accuses Russia of deploying fighter jets to Libya
Pentagon deputy inspector general resigns
CNN v pastor: Network gets a lesson in mask-wearing after slamming cleric for sermon without PPE
UK regulator censures China s CGTN for Hong Kong coverage
Coronavirus past peak in Russia, WWII parade in June: Putin
Syria cancels night-time curfew allows travel between provinces
Nail-biting video shows brown bear following child on family hike
Costa Rica becomes the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage
59% of Britons say PM’s adviser Cummings MUST GO after lockdown violations, as pressure builds on Johnson
You ve been missing out on these amazing sounds
JK Rowling releases children s book The Ickabog online for free
CORONAVIRUS EUROPE - Roundup: Sweden defends response as Germany prepares to resume travel
POST-COVID WORLD SECURITY - Covid-19 pandemic: surveillance and human security
Kosovo leader Thaci rejects EU mediator for Serbia talks as Pristina wants increased US role in dialogue
Audi suspends Daniel Abt after gamer raced under Formula E driver s name in esports event
The EU is still divided over coronavirus relief. That could tear it apart
‘He left when he should stay!’ Donald Tusk takes Brexit-themed jab at Cummings on Twitter
Dutch leader did not visit dying mom for weeks to follow rules
Twitter rejects widower who asked Jack Dorsey to remove Trump s repugnant tweets about his deceased wife
Russian women don their swimsuits in support of bikini-wearing Nurse Nadya
Jordan’s public sector employees return to work as 2-month lockdown ends
Astronomers spot blue beast of an explosion in the universe
Macau s gambling godfather dies
Growing resistance against Latin America lockdowns
COVID-19 fuels Venezuelan migrants crisis
I’ll buy a pay per view, for sure! Tyson Fury says he ll watch Mike Tyson s heavyweight comeback
Iconic celebrity portraits to be auctioned for Covid relief
The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit at deadliest possible angle
Hungary’s govt plans to end state of emergency on June 20, justice minister says
900 Taliban prisoners to be freed by Afghan govt under Eid truce in biggest ever single-step release
‘Complete and total disaster’: Trump slams Biden over H1N1 response despite larger Covid-19 death toll
Tyson s Top 5 potential comeback opponents - Meet the men ready to test Iron Mike s mettle
Make Germany great again : Ukrainian strategy game about WWII glorifies NAZISM, Russian diplomats say
Not just the elderly: As Covid-19 continues to kill, figures show increase in working-age mortality
KFC is testing a new chicken sandwich
Massive saber-toothed anchovies once existed. Yes, anchovies
Just as Covid-19 cases keep rising in 18 states, holiday revelers crammed together without masks
Tyson s Top 5 potential comeback opponents - Meet the men ready to test Iron Mike s mettle
Russia surpasses Saudi Arabia as China’s top supplier of crude
Journey to Justice | Close Up
Brazil police raid Rio governor s residences amid COVID-19 probe
Boris Johnson’s approval rating PLUMMETS by 20 points after refusing to sack Cummings for lockdown breaches
The world sacrificed its elderly in the race to protect hospitals and the consequences have been devastating
Grand generosity: Stunned waitress nets $1,000 tip from NBA star Andre Drummond
Gucci abandons worn-out ritual of fashion seasons as the industry looks inward
ECB warns coronavirus response could raise fears of eurozone breakup
Costa Rica allows same-sex marriages in first for Central America
THAILAND MONARCHY - Thai king s Bavarian holiday sparks controversy in Germany
CORONAVIRUS JAPAN - Tokyo starts new normality after lifting health alert
CHINA GAMING - Chinese officials propose facial recognition to combat gaming addiction
Fox News analyst tweeted criticism of Biden wearing a mask. Trump retweets
A wrongfully convicted man freed after 36 years is now an America s Got Talent favorite
US military accused Russia of deploying fighter aircraft to Libya
Dow soars 600 points on big hopes for a vaccine and the economy s reopening
No crowds? No thanks! Golf s world No. 1 Rory McIlroy says it s the right call to push September s Ryder Cup to 2021
US domestic violence: Families at risk during the lockdown
Eid in Nigeria: Outbreak dampens festivities
China to improve ability to carry out military tasks – Xi Jinping
As easy as you like! Cristiano Ronaldo shows off OUTRAGEOUS trick shot at Juventus training session (VIDEO)
EU officials point finger at US tech companies for ‘imposing’ standards on Covid-19 apps, call for more ‘digital sovereignty’
NATO rejects Russia’s offer to MUTUALLY freeze military drills amid Covid-19 pandemic
COVID-19 makes addressing internal displacement even more urgent
The peak of the spread of Covid-19 in Russia has passed. Postponed Victory Day parade will be held on June 24 – Putin
Junior UK minister resigns over lockdown scandal
Some markets hit highest levels since March
‘THAT is integrity’: UK public heaps praise on Dutch PM who didn’t break Covid-19 lockdown rules to visit dying mother
Stanley Ho, Hong Kong billionaire and Macao s godfather of gambling, dies at 98
Masks are too dangerous for children under two, Japanese experts warn
5.5 MILLION Covid-19 cases recorded worldwide – AFP tally
Father builds mini auto rickshaw for son
Syrian refugee s message to Boris Johnson
AI brings century-old footage back to life
10-year-old girl makes hug curtain for grandparents
Couple reunited with missing son after 32-year search
Both Koreas violated armistice in DMZ exchange of gunfire: UN
15,000 Rohingya under quarantine as coronavirus cases rise
Burundi s Nkurunziza hails chosen successor s election victory
Israel snubs Beijing to give mega desalination project to local firm days after Pompeo warned about Chinese money
Is it OK to dodge tax? As Covid-19 hurts wages, more Russians say ‘yes’!
Royal reveals what scares him about being a father
Sports star surprises fans with bright new hair
Fact-checking Biden s comments about the Flynn investigation
Video shows crowded pool party in Missouri
Queen guitarist Brian May reveals he had a heart attack
Astronomers discover cosmic ring of fire formed when two galaxies collide
UK care home manager: It s a national tragedy
One more quad: Figure skating star Alexandra Trusova sets sights EVEN HIGHER after new Guinness world record
Don t call it a comeback: Mike Tyson has more than earned one last appearance on the big stage - OPINION
The global ‘black hole’ debt will soon top $100 TRILLION We re about to get sucked into it – Max Keiser
Is a coronavirus catastrophe looming for Rohingya refugees?
Release the Karens! Entitled tyrants are the latest scourge plaguing coronavirus-ridden US
Dutch leader did not visit dying mother for weeks to comply with coronavirus restrictions
New White House strategy leaves testing to states
Church of Nativity in Bethlehem reopens after coronavirus closure
Feel the burn: NFL player Taylor Rapp burns 10,000 CALORIES in a SINGLE DAY in social media challenge
June 15 will be ‘LITTLE D-DAY’ for tourism in Europe after Covid-19 lockdowns – Italian FM
Kremlin warns intensified shelling in Lugansk may undermine E. Ukraine settlement prospects
Norway s Manshaus case and freedom of speech
Holding onto Hoxha: Guarding the last statue of communist Albania
State media: 6.5 million Covid-19 tests done in Wuhan in 9 days
Thailand extends virus emergency powers to June 30 despite opposition objections
The world sacrificed its elderly in the race to protect hospitals and the consequences have been devastating
Meet the Manchester United fanatic opening a 33,000-piece museum in Finland
New normal : Indonesian army set to enforce COVID-19 measures
Burkina Faso: The devastating impact of attacks on education
Denmark rolls out universal testing
What went wrong in Peru s virus response?
No school until coronavirus vaccine is available: Duterte
Germany plans to resume travel with 31 European states from June 15, as Merkel pressured to ease lockdown – media
Burkina Faso conflict: HRW says 350,000 children out of school
Quite possibly a football first : Livingston FC lets fans decide future of goalkeeper via TWITTER POLL
HK media mogul: Only Trump can save us
How the world sacrificed its elderly in the race to protect hospitals
Largest airline in Latin America files for US bankruptcy protection amid Covid-19 crisis
Unexplained anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field is EVOLVING and SPLITTING in two, warn scientists
Afghan government to free 900 Taliban prisoners, urges militants to extend 3-day ceasefire – Kabul
This country seemed to do everything right. So how did it become a Covid-19 hotspot?
Indonesia deploys soldiers, police to enforce ‘new normal’ Covid-19 restrictions
Japan to discuss cyberbullying laws after death of wrestler and Terrace House star
Americans flock to beaches on holiday weekend
Of course we want her! : WWE boss Triple H says wrestling giants will welcome back Ronda Rousey with open arms (VIDEO)
Human activity threatens billions of years of evolutionary history, researchers warn
Parents of a UConn student suspected in killings pleads for the manhunt to end in his surrender
1st UK government minister quits IN PROTEST over Cummings lockdown violation saga
Afghanistan to free 900 more Taliban prisoners: Government
Millions unemployed the Philippines amid COVID-19 lockdown
Qatar s birdlife thriving amid pandemic restrictions
Spain wants common EU rules to open borders
CORONAVIRUS HONG KONG - China s top medical adviser urges easing of COVID-19 measures in Hong Kong
HONG KONG PROTESTS - Security law will not affect rights, freedoms in Hong Kong, says Lam
MYANMAR CONFLICT - HRW denounces destruction in Myanmar village
CORONAVIRUS ECONOMY - Singapore again downgrades GDP forecast due to COVID-19 crisis
US SPACE - Virgin Orbit s first rocket launch attempt fails
CORONAVIRUS BRAZIL - Brazilian cities start reopening ahead of expected COVID-19 peak
Cummings ‘acted reasonably’ driving sick across country, his ally Gove insists amid national fury
India bought so much ultra-cheap American crude, it’s running out of places to store it
Africa Day: Galaxy of stars shine at virtual coronavirus concert
A teen s guide to managing your life
Several grads test positive for coronavirus after prep school s drive-thru ceremony
NBA legend Patrick Ewing is recovering at home after testing positive for the coronavirus
Coronavirus is like a war -- but not in the way Trump thinks
Pandemic takes toll on Trump properties while President golfs at one
Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when airport s shut)
Lawmakers want the VA to remove swastikas from gravestones at two veterans cemeteries
Latin America s largest airline files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Brazil faces dark week as Covid-19 toll rises
Hospitals overwhelmed as coronavirus cases explode in India
‘Blatant act of censorship’: Michael Moore green energy doc taken off YouTube after copyright claim by environmentalist opponent
Pakistan s flagship carrier needs a radical overhaul
Wuhan performed 6.5 million tests in 9 days, state media reports
Fact check: Trump has spent far more time at golf clubs than Obama had at same point
This city wants to score and rank its 10M residents on their health and lifestyle
China s military promises to uphold national sovereignty as more Hong Kong protests expected
White House s Brazil travel ban starts tomorrow
Multistate manhunt ongoing for UConn student after killings, home invasion
A white woman has apologized after calling police on a black man and saying there s an African American man threatening my life
China s military promises to uphold national sovereignty as more Hong Kong protests expected
White House s Brazil travel ban starts tomorrow
Canada wants national sick leave plan in place for second wave of the coronavirus pandemic
Idlib s displaced: Syrians return home for Eid celebrations
Uber lays off 600 people in India as the coronavirus pandemic hurts business
Latin America s largest airline, LATAM, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
‘Ultimate Karen’ calls cops on ‘dangerous black man’ who asked her to leash dog, gets put on leave after massive backlash (VIDEO)
Carrie Lam says security laws will not affect Hong Kong freedoms
Saudi Arabia to end curfew on June 21, except in Mecca
Picky eating linked to demanding parents who limit foods, study says
Brazilian president called mayor a piece of s***. See mayor s response.
WHO pauses hydroxychloroquine study due to safety concerns
Photos show plenty of people flocked to beaches, but not a lot of social distancing or masks during the holiday weekend
The White House s travel ban for Brazil starts tomorrow
4 killed in Mi-8 military helicopter crash-landing in Russia’s Far East
As stark 100,000 deaths landmark looms, Trump pursues his political obsessions
US biotech firm Novavax begins Covid-19 vaccine trials on Australian volunteers after getting $388mn from Bill Gates-backed fund
CNN reporter debunks Alabama beachgoers Covid-19 theories
Asian stocks rise, boosted by re-opening optimism
8,000 excess deaths in Mexico City as coronavirus rages: study
Asian stocks rise, boosted by re-opening optimism
Brazil faces dark week as Covid-19 toll rises
Growing number of coronavirus cases in Brazil and Peru
This country seemed to do everything right. Coronavirus spread anyway
Ahmaud Arbery killing being investigated as federal hate crime, family attorney says
Trump trashes one of his greatest allies during TV interview
With the coronavirus under control, this Chinese city wants to score and rank its residents based on their health and lifestyle
WHO sounds warning on coronavirus second peak : Live updates
‘Is that like Soylent Green?’ Trump adviser calls American workers ‘human capital stock’ triggers cannibalism-themed meme storm
Virgin Orbit rocket experiences anomaly during launch demo
‘These are American policies’: US ambassador to Germany clashes with MP who said envoy issued threats like a hostile power’
Discrimination towards Africans in China goes back decades
Taiwan targets truth not justice as it investigates darker times
Lufthansa clinches $10 billion bailout
ECUADOR PROTESTS - Ecuadorians defy gov t, Covid-19 to protest austerity
CORONAVIRUS BRAZIL - Stranded Colombians send out SOS from Sao Paulo airport
CORONAVIRUS LEISURE - 80,000 Log-on for virtual dance party in Argentina
US marks quiet Memorial Day as coronavirus deaths near 100,000
US DOJ probing Arbery slaying as possible hate crime, lawyers say
Verification purge? Multiple accounts lose blue checks after interviewing ‘wrongthinkers’
Trump may be tiptoeing toward a break with Xi
Peru seemed to do everything right. So how did it become a Covid-19 hotspot?
Virgin Orbit’s rocket TERMINATED moments after release from carrier aircraft on maiden test mission
Brazil faces dark week as Covid-19 toll rises
Coronavirus cases in the country are growing by the thousands and controversy is swelling around President Jair Bolsonaro
Is Syria s President Bashar al-Assad turning on his cronies?
How coronavirus hypocrisy is tarnishing Boris Johnson s government
UN: Libyan coastguard detains hundreds of migrants
Reopened shops in Europe eagerly await the return of tourism
Italy reports lowest number of new cases since February
Flying roofs torn-off balconies: At least 3 dead as MASSIVE hurricane rips through capital city of Russia’s Urals (VIDEOS)
WHO suspends coronavirus hydroxychloroquine trial
Make it PERMANENT! UK mosques broadcast Ramadan calls to prayer through LOUDSPEAKERS during Covid-19 and want to keep it that way
‘Something like 10 principles’: After ‘solving’ Israel/Palestine conflict coronavirus, Kushner ‘turned loose’ on GOP platform
Is that you, Joe? Biden’s mask-sunglasses combo covers entire face at first public appearance in over 2 months
Egypt under fire over coronavirus deaths among healthcare workers
Are millennials embracing robot bankers because they love robots… or because they hate bankers?
UFC Las Vegas: UFC to introduce stricter COVID-19 testing ahead of Nevada return on May 30
Spain’s coronavirus death toll DROPS by 2,000… after new counting system introduced
Chinese media TROLLS Pompeo, depicting him using dollars to lure Hong Kong protesters to hell
Spain urges foreign holidaymakers to return in July
Dominic Cummings fuels British anger after flouting lockdown
Renault and Nissan are desperate for help
Italy reports lowest number of new cases since February
Suriname: Desi Bouterse, a convicted murderer, seeks another term
Second man with COVID-19 dies in US immigration custody: Report
A young talent gone too soon : Tributes pour in as ex-Roma youngster Joseph Bouasse, 21, passes away from cardiac arrest
Lufthansa clinches $10 billion bailout from German government
WHO SUSPENDS trials of Trump-chosen hydroxychloroquine drug over SAFETY RISKS for Covid-19 patients
Iran reopens major Shia shrines after two-month closure
Palestinians start ‘cautiously returning life to normal’ in West Bank
Pixar short Out features the studio s first gay lead character
PM Markovic declares Montenegro first coronavirus-free state in Europe
Joe Biden emerges from coronavirus lockdown
India resumes domestic flights amid confusion, chaos at airports
Cummings REFUSES to apologize for Covid lockdown-breaking trip, cites child’s health – but convoluted story triggers MORE scrutiny
Top-30 tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili faces three years in jail for assaulting ex-wife
CORONAVIRUS SPAIN - Madrid toasts lockdown easing as outdoor terraces partially reopen
JAPAN EDUCATION - COVID-19 reopens debate on changing Japanese school calendar
CORONAVIRUS SPORT - Make yourself at home
Mike Tyson to receive improvement on $20 million offer for BARE KNUCKLE COMEBACK
Amphan aftermath: Seawater destroys farmland in Sundarbans
JAPAN CYBER BULLYING - Death of popular Japanese fighter unleashes cyberbullying criticism
CORONAVIRUS EUROPE - Roundup: Covid-19 restrictions eased in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic
Finland to spend €100mn on coronavirus protective equipment, respirators
Virus bomb : French medical official hits out at unsanctioned football match as 400 fans STORM PITCH (VIDEO)
New York s patron saint of PPE
‘We’re not mugs’: Cummings’ defence of lockdown movements leaves public with more questions than answers
Footballers emerge from lockdown with some unexpected new looks
Trump: We will move Republican convention unless crowds allowed
Boris Johnson aide Dominic Cummings defends lockdown trip amid UK scandal
Fashion designer showcases the future of the runway with 3D models
Airbnb hosts are planning to sell off their properties because of the pandemic
The US Air Force is removing height restrictions for pilots, which will allow more women to serve
Questions remain after US cop kills Muslim man who threw rocks
Subdued Eid al-Fitr in India, Bangladesh amid coronavirus crisis
Israel ‘won’t miss historic opportunity’ to annex parts of West Bank, Netanyahu says
A tale of two Trumps
‘We’re doomed!’: Terrifying scenes as massive LOCUST swarm invades Indian city (VIDEO)
‘Better and safer’: As Russia prepares to open up, prime minister urges citizens to holiday at home
UFC champ Khabib REFUSED Covid-19 test after infection of father, who remains under 24hr surveillance with disease
The Sioux man empowering Standing Rock with solar power
Scientists discover giant fiery doughnut-shaped galaxy
Kremlin spokesman Peskov discharged from hospital after coronavirus treatment
Patriotic consumers in Poland were duped by store into buying Ukrainian cucumbers, Belgian carrots as home-grown, watchdog finds
Russia ramps up gold production, adding to huge bullion reserves
‘Orwellian dictatorship’: Italian government to recruit 60,000 ‘civic assistants’ to snitch on Covid-19 rule-breakers
Ex-Premier League striker Pavel Pogrebnyak hospitalised with coronavirus
Vintage photos show British vacationers gone wild
Flying high: Alexandra Trusova enters the Guinness Book of World Records for incredible quad-jumping skills
Bigger and badder : Donald Cerrone upgrades BMF Ranch to include brand new RACE TRACK (VIDEO)
Burundi election commission says Ndayishimiye new president
Mexico may create more jobs as ‘biggest factory in the world reduces output’ – Lopez Obrador
Cheeky fan: Miss BumBum model Suzy Cortez switches allegiance from Messi to Beckham with saucy Instagram snaps (PHOTOS)
UK hospital SHUTS to all new patients due to ‘high number of Covid-19 cases’ as country prepares to ease lockdown further
Newly discovered Comet SWAN is now VISIBLE from Earth, but facing fight for its life as it nears the Sun
Taylor Swift fans think she outsmarted Scooter Braun with song cover
Trump threatens to pull Republican convention out of North Carolina
Newly discovered Comet SWAN is now VISIBLE from Earth, but facing fight for its life as it nears the Sun
See New Zealand Prime Minister react to earthquake during live interview
‘We are not allowed to leave our rooms’: Russian figure skaters tested for coronavirus before resuming training
Iran reopens major Shiite shrines after 2-month closure over coronavirus outbreak
Russian prosecutors seek 18-year sentence for ex-US marine accused of espionage
Oil companies forced to renegotiate deals or risk losing it all
Still Here: A story of incarceration and gentrification in the US
Syndrome leaves 6-year-old fighting for his life
RT with Spotify, Google makes it into top 3 of creative in-house agencies at ADC Awards
Russia plans to build a REPLACEMENT for the International Space Station, won’t allow Moon privatization – Space Agency Chief
Rohingya Refugees: Inside the Crisis
Russia seeks 18-year prison term for ex-US Marine in spy trial
Germany’s struggling carrier Lufthansa agrees to $10 billion state rescue package
PA easing coronavirus restrictions in occupied West Bank
Japan lifts Covid-19 state of emergency, eyes new stimulus package
China to take countermeasures over Washington’s Hong Kong trading threats – spokesman
This stunning tribute to medical workers comes from the sky
Who deserves to be a billionaire?
An unfinished song : father of Russian skater Anna Shcherbakova says he’d regret it if she’s forced to retire at 17
Race you, NASA!: China confirms July launch of first Mars rover, which rivals Perseverance mission
Elon Musk and Grimes change baby name to comply with California law
PM Shinzo Abe declares end to Japan s coronavirus emergency
Delta and United Airlines caught up in rising US-China tensions
Come to daddy : Kamaru Usman s manager offers Conor McGregor welterweight title shot as Jorge Masvidal targets Nate Diaz rematch
India overtakes Iran to become one of the 10 worst-hit Covid-19 nations, but reopens air travel
The mayor of a Brazilian city calls on the President to resign, shut up and stay at home
Europe mulls slapping US Big Tech with digital tax to help finance economic recovery from Covid-19
What you need to know about coronavirus today
Queen guitarist Brian May rushed to hospital after heart attack
What you need to know about coronavirus today
‘Treating people like sheep’: Bishops let loose on BoJo in storm of Twitter criticism over Cummings row
Johnson draws media fire from all sides after top aide accused of lockdown breach
Disability support: UK charities urge the government to do more
Japan lifts state of emergency for Tokyo, 4 remaining regions
The tiny airport that became the world s busiest
‘What planet are they on?’: Even Daily Mail blasts BoJo amid Cummings controversy backlash
Tom Brady sinks INCREDIBLE shot, then SPLITS his pants and loses $20m charity golf game to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning (VIDEO)
Rwanda has enlisted anti-epidemic robots in its fight against coronavirus
See Bolsonaro greet supporters without mask
Tom Brady shows he s human as Tiger Woods backs up trash talk at Champions for Charity golf match
Eid al-Fitr in Iraq: Some worshippers defying government lockdown
‘Ever thus to tyrants’: WATCH protesters hang effigy of US governor in anti-lockdown protest
Elon Musk and Grimes have changed their baby s name. A bit
Western Australia hit by once-in-a-decade storm
US Muslims celebrate distanced Eid al-Fitr amid COVID-19 fears
MMA fighter named among 9 arrested after SHOOTOUT with KALASHNIKOV rifles in Moscow (VIDEO)
‘Point of no return’: Belgium ‘won’t impose’ strict measures again even in case of 2nd coronavirus wave
Inside the secluded and intimate New York studios of famous artists
China s national security law seems impossible to stop
From Premier League to Rocket League? Arsenal hitman Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hints at launching his own ESPORTS team
Vanessa Bryant shares adorable video of baby Capri s first steps
How a Kawasaki-like syndrome left this 6-year-old fighting for his life on a ventilator
Analyst discusses what US will do in face of Hong Kong unrest
Hong Kong police fire tear gas on pro-democracy protesters
People s jobs are at stake : La Liga boss issues warning after WAG shares pic of FOUR partying Sevilla players on Instagram
India steps up efforts to lure companies moving out of China
Big pharma steered public money away from pandemic research and into projects promising profit – watchdog
Foreign tourists can book Spain holidays from July, ‘quarantine likely to be suspended’ – minister
‘NYT chose to attack US military on Memorial Day’: Pentagon hits back at op-ed on army ‘celebrating white supremacy’
Dan s NOT the man: Formula E star Daniel Abt discovered CHEATING during esports race as PROFESSIONAL GAMER takes his place (VIDEO)
I was trapped naked on a German fire escape
Video shows crowded pool party in Missouri
Boris Johnson refuses to sack his chief adviser
India s airports begin to reopen
ANALYSIS: China s national security law seems impossible to stop
Ramaphosa: South Africa coronavirus lockdown to ease from June 1
The largest volcano in the world sits beneath two small rocky peaks in Hawaii
‘Cummings spits in the face of our efforts’: Intensive care doc vows to quit NHS if BoJo’s adviser keeps his job
Businesses fear the worst for Hong Kong s future
Here comes the US crackdown on China stocks
Everyone you know uses Zoom. That wasn t the plan
Afghan president pledges to release up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners
White House announces new travel restrictions on Brazil
‘I didn’t realize Wales wasn’t in England’: Woman goes viral for ill-informed Twitter rant after being ejected from beach
Kendall Jenner s twin steps into spotlight in new show
Pro baseball stadium opens for overnight guests on Airbnb
Distress in seniors surges amid coronavirus pandemic
Corona with Lyme? Warmer weather means it s time to be tick aware
Aerial video shows holiday crowd in Daytona Beach
JioMart expands to 200 cities in India as it seeks to compete with Amazon and FlipKart
Women are told more lies than men in workplace reviews, new research suggests. And that can prevent gender equality.
Americans are crowding public places and officials fear possibility of spikes in coronavirus cases
CORONAVIRUS US - White House suspends entry of foreigners traveling from Brazil
NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE - Ardern keeps her cool as quake strikes during live TV interview
CORONAVIRUS EL SALVADOR - El Salvador govt leads day of prayer against COVID-19
CORONAVIRUS AUSTRALIA - Students return to Australian classrooms as isolation measures lift
The pandemic is causing an exponential rise in the online exploitation of children, experts say
Brazil s Supreme Court releases video of President Bolsonaro
Cemeteries overflow in Aden as COVID-19 deaths spike in Yemen
Why Donald Trump s wild weekend can t be normalized
India s airports begin to reopen
Quite a decent shake here : New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern hit by earthquake during TV interview
Crackdown as HK security chief warns of growing terrorism
Iranian tanker DOCKS at Venezuelan port after braving stormy waters to deliver 1st oil shipment despite US blockade
Twitter remains silent about Trump s appalling attack against Joe Scarborough
Hong Kong protesters have promised a miracle but China s national security law seems impossible to stop
US curbs travel from Brazil amid deepening coronavirus outbreak
‘Brazen power grab’: GOP sues California Gov. Newsom over plan to send mail-in ballots to ALL registered voters
Australia begins wide-ranging investigation into deadly bushfires
On the hunt for rare seeds in the middle of a pandemic
Theme park introduces social distancing mascot for visitors
Why one man owns 2,371 cell phones
Want to buy a used car? Rental car companies are offering up some good deals
Taiwan offers help to Hong Kong activists as China tightens grip
Trump suspends entry into the US for anyone who has been in Brazil within 14 days immediately preceding their attempt to enter the US
US announces new travel restrictions on Brazil
Biscuits and Gravy, the kitten born with two faces, dies
Eli Manning joined Twitter, and was immediately made fun of by Tom Brady
Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning win Champions for Charity golf match
Man accused of beating 75-year-old in Detroit nursing home pleads not guilty to assault and other charges
On Memorial Day weekend, Trump shows his true self
Faith leaders stress caution on reopening churches as Trump pushes for in-person services
Trump s tough choices over Hong Kong
US bars travellers from Brazil: Coronavirus live updates
Trump s tough choices over Hong Kong
White House announces new travel restrictions on Brazil
US announces new travel restrictions on Brazil
Over 70 people evacuated from hospital in Russian Far East after roof catches fire
Cat gives birth to kitten with two faces
CNN reporter: Beachgoer told me to get out of his country
US announces new travel restrictions on Brazil
Brazil s favelas struggle as coronavirus cases skyrocket
Qatar makes COVID-19 app mandatory, experts question efficiency
US imposes Covid-19 travel ban on Brazil visitors, excluding Americans
Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat
UK schools to begin reopening on June 1, prime minister says
Bolsonaro attends rally as Brazil political scandal heats up
What is China s post-coronavirus strategy?
5.8 quake hits New Zealand, shakes buildings in Wellington
The one vital message of nearing 100,000 US deaths
UK schools to begin reopening on June 1, prime minister says
The reality of Brazil s Covid-19 outbreak
Why Donald Trump s wild weekend can t be normalized
Hack job? Civil Service Twitter account roasts ‘ARROGANT TRUTH TWISTER’ BoJo, as lockdown-breaking adviser reported to police
US beaches, parks full on Memorial Day weekend despite pandemic
The risky business of tracking Rwandan fugitive Felicien Kabuga
Watch laser destroy aircraft mid-flight
Fareed: Trump seems to be desperate
Vaccinologist: Here s what worries me about Covid-19 trials
Trump golfs at his Virginia club amid the coronavirus pandemic
No rounds, no weight classes, no cage: Brutal Polish bareknuckle MMA returns with first women s bout (VIDEO)
Can the world s oldest profession survive the age of social distancing?
Wuhan lab head calls virus leak claims pure fabrication
‘Dems could pick a GLASS OF WATER as candidate’: Trump picks apart Biden talks ‘DEEP STATE’ in new softball interview
Netanyahu defiant as he arrives for start of trial
Brazil s Supreme Court releases video of President Bolsonaro
Keep your distance! Liverpool target Timo Werner bags Bundesliga hat-trick - but teammate gets too close for comfort
Manhunt in Moscow after GUN BATTLE with KALASHNIKOV rifles pistols erupts in broad daylight (VIDEOS)
Netanyahu defiant as he arrives for start of trial
Confusion over beach openings for US Memorial Day weekend
In Pictures: Thousands protest in Hong Kong against new law
US says China s HK national security law could lead to sanctions
Naked not afraid: WATCH nude guy wreak havoc at Moscow train station
Leipzig hammers Mainz as home teams continue to struggle on Bundesliga return
Not you too, Zizou? Real Madrid boss Zidane defies Spanish lockdown rules to second home outside of Madrid - reports
Another British scandal, a sleight of hand and the same old story
UK s Johnson defends Dominic Cummings amid calls for resignation
‘Cummings acted responsibly, legally and with integrity : Johnson backs embattled adviser amid lockdown trip furore
HONG KONG PROTESTS - Protests return to Hong Kong against Beijing security law
CORONAVIRUS ISLAM - Iranians celebrate end of Ramadan prayers amid Covid-19 restrictions
CHINA US - China accuses US of bringing relations to brink of new cold war
ISRAEL JUSTICE - Israeli prime minister Netanyahu on trial for corruption
Protesters set up video screen outside aide s house to blast message
AFGHANISTAN PEACE - Afghan govt and Taliban declare 2nd ceasefire in two decades
STUPID : Lyon boss slams decision to cancel French football season early as other big leagues return
Russophobes lose their minds as IRS tweets Covid relief payment info in Russian... like it did for all major languages
We meet COVID-19 survivors to hear their stories
COVID crisis could UNIFY world’s largest oil companies
Trump likely to announce travel restrictions to Brazil due to coronavirus spike
Federer thinks return of tennis is a long way off
As Americans flock to beaches and parks, some states see surges in new coronavirus cases
Thousands take to the streets in Hong Kong
Style queen: Russian figure skating sensation Zagitova crowned Olympic style champion
WATCH Iranian tanker brave rough seas while carrying 1st oil shipment for Venezuela (VIDEO)
I’m not listening to any coaches right now : UFC star Mike Perry wants GIRLFRIEND to corner him in future fights
Is Libya s Khalifa Haftar on the way out?
US unemployment will reach north of 20% in May
Johnson under pressure to sack his chief adviser, as a growing scandal threatens to break Britain s lockdown
US unemployment will reach north of 20% in May
BoJo’s adviser Cummings trolled outside his residence with video of UK PM saying ‘STAY HOME’
Lowen behold: Augsburg ace Eduard Lowen nets free-kick stunner to become first Russian to score after Covid-19 restart
Liverpool v Atletico Madrid Champions League match linked to 41 additional Covid-19 deaths, new study says
WATCH pro- and anti-Netanyahu protesters engage in tense face-off in Jerusalem as PM corruption trial opens
Journalists flagrantly break coronavirus rules... while questioning adviser Cummings about breaking coronavirus rules
Bibi goes to court: Israeli PM slams corruption trial as plot to ‘depose a strong right-wing leader’
Netanyahu arrives at court for corruption trial amid protests
Mike Tyson provides meme for the ages at bizarre pro-wrestling appearance (VIDEO)
Breaking bad? ‘300-person’ DANCE PARTY in Siberia flouts social distancing rules (VIDEO)
Will China s democratic enclave become just like the mainland?
Global human development to decline for first time in 30 years due to Covid-19, warns UN
Democrats see Warren as rising VP contender
HK security law must be imposed without slightest delay : China
‘Pure fabrication’: Head of Wuhan lab DENIES claims virus leaked from there, says ‘we didn’t even know it existed’
Putin changes Russia s electoral law to allow remote vote
He spent 20 years in prison for murder. Then someone else confessed to the same crime
No political prisoners freed as Egypt pardons thousands on Eid
Senegal eases COVID-19 restrictions as food crisis looms
In Pictures: Eid al-Fitr in the time of coronavirus
Jaywick s fight: Community support in one of UK s poorest towns
Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will face off against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a charity golf match. Here s how to watch
Biden is running ahead of Clinton s 2016 pace
Mike Tyson says deal will be done WITHIN DAYS for comeback fight: We got so many guys that want to do this
Dithering while Britain burned: Lockdown delay led to UK Covid-19 death toll soaring to worst in Europe, says report
We re planning to have FULL stadiums, says NFL exec as US coronavirus death toll nears 100,000
Lawsuits targeting China are mere ‘daydreaming’, but Beijing’s ‘open’ to impartial Covid-19 probe – Chinese FM
A woman was attacked and killed by her French bulldog mix
Nice Ron, son: Cristiano Jr shows speed as he sprints after dad ahead of Juventus comeback (VIDEO)
Fumes scuffles as riot police fire tear gas amid renewed anti-govt unrest in Hong Kong (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Churches hold first Sunday mass across France as lockdown eases
Getting their GOAT: McGregor triggers Khabib, Diaz into Twitter barbs after Irishman s all-time greats of MMA list
Pressure mounting on UK PM to sack top aide over lockdown breach
First Iranian oil tanker reaches Venezuelan waters
Alyssa Milano goes on defensive after showing off her KNITTED mask
Ecuador: Families desperate to find relatives remains
Poland picks chief justice candidates amid judicial overhaul
Listen, Watch, Learn: Peru s school system takes to the airwaves
A lonely Eid al-Fitr under a highway in Jakarta
Kim Jong-un calls for stronger NUCLEAR WAR DETERRENT, vows to put strategic forces on HIGH ALERT – state media
Afghan president pledges to expedite release of Taliban prisoners
Myanmar submits first report on Rohingya to UN s top court
As coronavirus ravages UK care homes, it spares one centre
Washington pushing US China to ‘brink of new Cold War,’ Beijing warns
Pressure mounting on UK PM to sack top aide over lockdown breach
Coronavirus is killing more men. But the lockdown is disastrous for women and their rights
NYT includes MURDER VICTIM in controversial front page list of Covid-19 deaths
Hotly-touted Oxford coronavirus VACCINE trial has only 50 percent chance of success, project leader warns
Brazil s Indigenous tribes: COVID-19 spreading in Amazon region
Severe storms, flooding and excessive heat make for a messy Memorial Day weekend
Woman who confessed to killing her 9-year-old son pushed him into a canal in Florida, affidavit says
Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are delivering face masks in rural Texas
Hong Kong protest over proposed national security law met with tear gas
New year-round port to link Russian Arctic sea route with Asia in 2025
Two hairstylists potentially exposed 140 people to coronavirus
How to stay cool without air conditioning when your house is hot and the outdoors are closed
Hundreds call for ‘end to tyranny’ in anti-lockdown protest at California state Capitol (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
India reports largest one-day spike in coronavirus cases
A new social movement is helping connect those who need help with those who can help
Hong Kong braces for protests on heels of proposed security law
Eid: end of Ramadan celebrations go virtual amid coronavirus
Verzuz has everyone flocking to Instagram. Here s why the weekly battles are such a hit
New York Times publishes names of 1,000 lives lost to coronavirus
‘Don’t complain, toe the line’: US envoy snaps at Germany for criticizing Open Skies Treaty pullout
Brazil now has the second-highest total number of confirmed cases in the world
He spent 20 years in prison for murder. Then someone else confessed to the same crime
North Korea s Kim vows to further bolster nuclear war deterrence
Kim Jong Un wants to increase North Korea s nuclear war deterrence, state media reports
Shocking video shows destruction from plane crash
Hong Kong lawmaker: Our young are fighting for their future
Police in Hamburg use WATER CANNONS to disperse demonstrators against authorized anti-lockdown protest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Boris Johnson under pressure to sack aide over reported lockdown breach
Eid al-Fitr celebrated under coronavirus lockdown: Live updates
Report: Brazil s indigenous people are dying at an alarming rate from Covid-19
First Iranian tanker crosses into Venezuela’s economic zone as US ships spotted nearby - tracking data
Meet Biscuits and Gravy, the kitten born with two faces
Eid al-Fitr: One of the happiest times for Muslims will be a somber affair
12.5% of Muscovites -- some 1.5 million people -- likely have Covid-19 antibody
As Americans lose their jobs, Senate gears up to give Israel A MINIMUM of $38 billion over 10 years
Is France breaking with its colonial past in Africa?
Afghan Taliban announces three-day Eid ceasefire
‘Hitler’s favorite alligator’ dies at Moscow Zoo aged 84
Sudan to establish police force to protect healthcare workers
Minister in Brazil suggests government take advantage of pandemic to relax environmental regulations
French industrialist calls for 5G MORATORIUM amid Covid-19, conspiracy theories burning of masts
Gaza reports first COVID-19 death amid outbreak fears
Egypt says 21 fighters killed during raids in Sinai
Libya: GNA-aligned forces retake military camps near Tripoli
Israel s PM Netanyahu, unbeaten in elections, goes on trial
Bangladesh struggles to aid cyclone-stricken communities
Afghanistan coronavirus cases spike ahead of Eid-al-Fitr holiday
Hong Kong lawmaker: Our young are fighting for their future
Basketball rebounds: NBA set to resume play at Disney-owned ESPN complex in Florida in July
‘NO QUESTION’ US in COLD WAR 2 with China – Florida senator
Trump to attend manned SpaceX launch – should journalists be worried?
Would you like hypocrisy with that? Boss of ‘socialist themed vegan meat company’ filmed busting union drive
Hairstylist exposed 91 people to coronavirus
Brazil now has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world after US
In pictures: The coronavirus is surging in Brazil
Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a little flu. Inside Brazil s hospitals, doctors know the horrifying reality
Not cut out for it: 12,000 cardboard fans fail to spur German team on to victory
This sh*t is funny : UFC boss Dana White tweets out hilarious Conor McGregor raging bull video
Over 2 million infected with Covid-19 in Europe – AFP tally
Namibia culls elephants to protect farmers, crops
PLANE CRASH - 97 die, two survive Pakistan plane crash in Karachi
CORONAVIRUS RELIGION - Silence and prayers: lockdown life in Holy Sepulcher
MIDDLE EAST RAMADAN - Gloomy end to Ramadan with more coronavirus cases and restrictions
CORONAVIRUS TOURISM - Spain to reopen borders to international tourists in July
CORONAVIRUS SPORTS - Spain’s LaLiga to kick off from 8 June
Iran to retaliate over any US trouble for Venezuela-bound ships
UK: PM s aide Dominic Cummings accused of breaking lockdown rules
How Biden s veep pick will reshape his image
Pakistan plane crash black box found after 97 killed
FIRST coronavirus death confirmed in Gaza, as Palestian territories lift lockdown
Statue of Liberty-sized ASTEROID barrelling towards Earth as six space rocks set to skim past
It is time tech companies act on election-time disinformation
Around 12% of Muscovites have Covid-19 IMMUNITY, city says, after random testing of 50,000 people
Deciphering Biden s confusing comments about Michael Flynn  
Sessions says Trump s fortunate he did his duty and recused himself from Russia probe
San Francisco fire has destroyed a quarter of Pier 45
Newcastle have made good offer to Pochettino to become new manager as Saudi takeover nears compeletion
Lionel Messi and La Liga stars get go ahead to resume play
Conor McGregor reveals his GOATs of MMA list... and surprisingly he s not top of the pile
US needs more production instead of dollar-printing, market analyst tells Keiser Report
Oops! FC Cincinnati botches unveiling of new coach Jaap Stam
Green light: Spanish government gives go-ahead for La Liga resumption from June 8
US ‘will be IN TROUBLE’ if it makes ‘MISTAKE’ of interfering with Venezuela-bound tankers, Rouhani warns
Neither foul nor fireable offense? Opposition demands Cummings gets the boot for his lockdown-evading ‘breach’
UFC bombshell Paige VanZant forecasts money fight with Amanda Ribas amid contract negotiations
In the pink: Russian swin star Efimova poses in pool with flamingo as she soaks up California sun (PHOTOS)
Far-right protesters rally across Spain over coronavirus measures
Karachi plane crash: Black box recovered, says airline
More than 90 countries request IMF bailout
US tech giants still doing business with blacklisted Chinese companies, research firm claims
‘CRIME OF AGGRESSION’: US threatens FORCE against Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela, UN envoy warns
All aboard! Spain is reopening to international TOURISM from July
Russian scientists hope to begin HUMAN TESTING on Covid-19 vaccine within weeks, having tried it on themselves first
Who is to blame for Lebanon s crisis?
Papua New Guinea s ex-PM Peter O Neill arrested over corruption
Hong Kong braces for protests over new China security law
‘Most unwise’: Police chief slams PM adviser Cummings’ 250-mile lockdown-breaking trip
May temperature records broken across Australia s Queensland
Assailant takes hostages at Moscow bank, threatens to detonate explosive device – reports
The future of football? Danish club unveil first-ever Virtual Grandstand to allow fans to attend games via Zoom
Reopening England: Growing calls to protect livelihoods
Planting trend in Lebanon amid deepening financial crisis
Biased media struggles to paint sensible Sweden as reckless gamblers, fails miserably
NBA legend Patrick Ewing in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19
The Conspiracy Virus: COVID-19 misinformation in the US
How to help children with ADHD thrive in a virtual schoolhouse
Online bullying needs to stop : Tributes pour in after Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura dies aged 22
UFC boss Dana White says he ll live on Fight Island for entire month - but location remains a mystery
Turkey imposes its broadest yet lockdown for Eid al-Fitr
Kenya lockdown measures taking toll on Eid festivities
Iraqis abducted, tortured for partaking in protests: UN report
UK contact-tracing phone app against coronavirus to miss deadline
World’s ONLY floating nuclear power plant project goes fully operational in Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Boris Johnson under pressure to sack top aide over reported lockdown breach
Boris Johnson under pressure to sack aide over reported lockdown breach
Peru extends nationwide lockdown until end of June
Rouhani says Iran to reopen cultural and religious sites
They bought a $1 house in Italy, then Covid-19 struck
Bolsonaro s coronavirus response: A threat to Brazil s economy
BBC blasted after political editor jumps to defend PM adviser Cummings following cross-country lockdown breach
This is now the world s busiest airport... on certain Saturdays
Beach chaos threatens Europe as temperatures rise
Quiz: Can you name all the airlines?
Berlin church hosts Muslim prayer in amazing sign of solidarity
‘Hate-filled left on display’: BBC historian rejoices over ‘rich white men’ dying from pestilence
Trump stokes base with call to reopen churches
Trump admin considering 1st NUCLEAR TEST since 1992 as show of strength to Russia China – reports
India reports largest one-day spike
Thousands of Palestinians stranded abroad urge for repatriation
China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time
Car rental giant pioneer HERTZ files for bankruptcy protection as Covid-19 dries up businesses
Police to enforce social distancing rules on some US beaches
ILO chief: Workers in informal economy face utter destitution
Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground
Meet the 1-year-old chef with 1.3 followers on Instagram
India reports 6,600 cases in 24 hours
Pandemic could reshape the world order
‘Someone dropped the ball’: Suspect in beating of 75yo nursing home patient was moved to facility AFTER contracting Covid-19
China reports zero new Covid-19 cases for the FIRST TIME as pandemic finds new ‘epicenter’ in South America
Astronomers find a galaxy that shouldn t exist in the distant universe
Still looking for a bogeyman? Moscow slams US State Dept after it posts $250,000 grant to ‘expose Russian health disinformation’
US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight
I object to that : Reporter responds to press secretary s personal jab
Hertz files for bankruptcy
The Shenzhen effect: Why China s original model city matters more than ever
Brazil overtakes Russia in coronavirus now second highest
Boris Johnson to cut Huawei from UK’s 5G network by 2023 as own party rebels US steps up anti-Beijing pressure – report
Malta rescues 140 migrants, holds them on tourist boats offshore
Virus cases top 100,000 in Africa
CNN reporter: Dr. Birx didn t answer the question
How security law has been used to crush dissent in China
Brazil has world s second highest coronavirus cases: Live updates
CDC: Mixed results from viral and antibody tests
Pompeo condemns China s proposed Hong Kong national security law
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